Are your online business’s emails making you money?

Since you’re here, I’m going to assume they’re not… not as much as they should at least.

As crazy as it sounds, this is a good thing! (Stay with me…)

Your being here means you realize that your business is leaving money on the table because of gaps in your email sequences.

It also means that I can help you get that money.

How will I do that?

By creating an email strategy that will increase conversions and reduce churn.

In short, I create the email conversion strategy and write the email copy your business needs to succeed.

Want to increase conversions, reduce churn, and skyrocket your revenue?

Me too!  

Here’s how I can help you do that…

A look under the hood to find out why your emails aren’t converting as well as they should.

A complete framework for increasing conversions, reducing churn, and skyrocketing your revenue.

Have the list but not the emails and need them written NOW? Get your email sequence written overnight.

Email funnels can get pretty busy. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

Samar is an expert in this area so when I asked for her top tips, she got me thinking about the right things straight away. She expertly listed everything you need to consider from the start to the end of the buyer's journey.

Her ability to lay this out in simple yet constructive terms gave me a clear starting point for examining any email series. Ever. Thanks, Samar!
Natalie Smithson