Email strategy (and copy) for SaaS and ecommerce businesses

Increase conversions, boost sales, and fix the
money leaking gaps in your email sequences.

Ever get the nagging feeling that your emails aren't converting as well as they should?

That they should be making more sales and converting more free trials to paid?

Hi, I’m Samar and I’ve got news for you.

The bad kind, the good kind, and the BEST kind.

The bad news: That nagging feeling? It’s spot on. 

The good news: I know how to increase conversions,  boost sales, and fix the money leaking gaps in your email sequences.

The best news: I can help YOU.

As an email conversion strategist and copywriter for SaaS and eCommerce businesses, I’m obsessed with writing emails that:

  • Turn subscribers into buyers
  • Turn free trials into paid subscriptions
  • Turn existing customers into loyal, raving fans

And just how do I do that?

By analyzing your customer data, designing a conversion-focused email strategy, and writing email copy that speaks to your subscribers and free trial-ers but converts for you.

Work With Me

Email Conversion Audit

A look under the hood to find out why your emails aren't converting as well as they should. I'll analyze your emails, go through your customer research, and come back with recommendations that'll skyrocket your email conversions.

Email Strategy + Conversion Copy

Emails are the one fail-proof way of increasing conversions, boosting sales, and retaining customers... but only when they're done right. Looking for emails that do all three? You've come to the right place!

48-Hour Email Conversion Transformation

Have the customers and the VoC data but not the emails? Wish you could wake up one day to find your emails magically written? Now you can! Rent my copywriting chops for 48 hours and get those emails written ASAP.

Email Strategy Session

Need a second brain to work through your email strategy with? Turned upside down by which email does what, goes where, and what it can do? Let’s talk it out. Strategy + peace of mind in under an hour. Like Aleve for your pounding email headache.

What Clients Say...

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