It’s time to get real about your emails.

Email marketing is haaard

Not only do you need to email your subscribers regularly, but you also need to send emails that:

 Connect with them on a personal level
✓ Convince them to do what you want them to do
✓ Convert them into paying users or customers

And despite what the world’s most popular email marketing stat says, your email subscriber isn’t a slot machine that’ll give you $44 every time you put a dollar in it.

To get that $44 ROI… you gotta do much more than just hit send.

You need to create emails that put your customers first.

Emails that’ll make them feel seen, understood, and convinced that you’re the answer to their problems.

And that’s exactly what I do.


I happen to be pretty darn good.

So if you’re a SaaS or eCommerce brand struggling to convert:

✓ Your free trials into paid
✓ Your subscribers into buyers
✓ Your customers into loyal, raving fans…

I can help

Wait, who are you again?

Hi! I’m Samar 👋🏽 and I’m the secret (email) weapon your business has been looking for.

As an email conversion strategist and copywriter…

I specialize in creating email journeys that not only turn your subscribers into customers but compel them to come back again and again (and again.)

Sounds like a tall order, right?

Not for me.

Because I don’t pull emails out of my *ahem*.

There’s a method to my madness.

A method that’s worked for multiple clients.

Clients like...

"Samar pitched us an email sequence we hadn't realized we needed. And she ended up producing a sequence that is destined to increase retention for our subscription training program.

She's a pro and a pleasure to work with. You should hire her!"

Joanna Wiebe
Founder & CEO, Copyhackers

As an email conversion strategist and copywriter,
I specialize in creating:

1. Onboarding and retention-focused emails for SaaS

In my work with SaaS clients I strategize and create:

  • Welcome/nurture email sequences for new subscribers
  • Free-to-paid onboarding email sequences
  • Onboarding emails for enterprise SaaS products with no free trials

When it comes to retention-focused emails, I’ve written:

  • Check-in sequences for paying users
  • Follow-up sequences for users that didn’t convert
  • Re-engagement sequences for in-active users

And soooo many more.

The strangest (and perhaps the most brilliant) one I’ve ever written?

A webinar sequence for users that left a negative review.

Man, that was a fun one to research and write!

2. Customer lifecycle & promotional emails for eCommerce

Customer lifecycle email sequences:

  • Welcome Sequences (for buyers and non-buyers)
  • Abandonment Sequences (cart abandonment, checkout abandonment, and browse abandonment)
  • Post-Purchase Sequences (transactional, upsell, and cross-sell)

Promotional Campaigns like:

  • National Days (CBD Day, Oyster Day, Mother’s Day…)
  • Black Friday + Cyber Monday
  • Holiday specials (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving…)

And sooo many more.

I’ve written emails for CBD brands, health supplements, beauty brands, and even hot sauces!

As a result, I know wayyyy more than a normal person about hemp seeds, gut health, and organic ingredients used in skincare products.

So what do you say?

Want emails that increase conversions, reduce churn, SKYROCKET your revenue 🚀 and delight your customers?

Emails that make your customers whip out their wallets and buy like the great toilet paper rush of 2020?

Emails that make you the hero…

(and not because you were the only brand that didn’t run out of toilet paper)

Samar is the email specialist you need if you want to increase conversions and boost sales.

She's an expert at analyzing email sequences and finding the "money gaps" in them. She's a master at creating email strategies that get results. And like all great pros - she's easy to work with, meets deadlines and is uber-reliable.

If you're able to hire her? Do it!

Amy Posner
Online Marketing Strategist & Business Coach

Time to get a little personal...

All right, so now that you know what I do, who I work with, and how I can help you…

It’s time to share my story.

First thing first.

My name’s pronounced differently than it’s spelled. It’s “summer” – like the season.  

I’m a Brown, Pakistani, Muslim, female entrepreneur.

(You only have to look at my picture to figure out 3 of those things 🤭)

What does that mean for you?


Not much, except…

👉  You’ll see me rocking my impressive scarf collection on our calls.

👉  I’m not the email strategist and copywriter for you if you’re a tobacco, gambling, alcohol, or an arms and ammunition company.

👉  I’m a huge proponent of girl education. So if we work together, I’ll be donating 2% of my project fee to the Malala Fund in your name.

Now for a little work history...

I started out as a content writer in 2008 and went on to write for big brands like:

  • Marriott,
  • InterContinental,
  • Aetna, and
  • MetLife

As well as entrepreneurs, startups, and internet-famous businesses like

  • Paul Jarvis,
  • Antavo,
  • Foundr, and
  • Copyblogger

In 2018, after about a decade of writing content, I pivoted to writing emails and haven’t looked back since. 

(The pivot itself is a loooong story. Ask me about it sometime.)

Random stuff about me...

(in no particular order)

⭐ I’m a Potterhead (the Weasley twins are my favorite characters), ❤️ Benedict Cumberbatch, and watch Graham Norton Show on YouTube whenever I need a quick laugh.

⭐ I graduated, got married, and moved to the UAE – all within 10 days.

⭐ Lived (and loved) the expat life in the UAE for a decade before moving back to Pakistan.

⭐ My wedding story went viral on Twitter.

⭐ I love email. So much so, that I write a weekly email about all things emails (talk about meta!) and call it the Emails Done Right newsletter. Sign up if you haven’t already!

Made it all the way down here?

Look at you!

Okay, final tidbit for you.

I have two kids, love lava cakes, hate coffee, and swear (just a wee bit 🤏🏽).


…Oh hang on a second!

Wanna talk emails?

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