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The troublemakers responsible for your email headache: 

Too Many Balls In The Air

Quick question. Is your email developer also your designer?

And does your designer write your email copy as well?

You don’t say! 😲

Easily impressed peeps would look at your situation and think, “Whoa! That’s such good use of your personnel/resources!”

But your emails (and your revenue) beg to differ.

If you have a small email marketing team with members that are juggling way too many balls, teamwork doesn’t always make the dream work. (Sorry, John Maxwell.)


“Copy is awesome, and copywriters are the best-kept secret in the sales and marketing world.”

Joanna Wiebe


✋🏽 HOLD UP! 🤚🏽

If you’re thinking, “But Samar, we don’t have any emails yet!”  then keep reading because you my friend, are in the enviable position of starting your email marketing on the right foot!

How cool is that?!

Read on and take notes so you know exactly what you need to do to get started (and which mistakes to avoid.)

Why your emails are leaking 💰💰💰 and customers (and giving you a massive headache)

If your team is stretched too thin, you’re not alone. 

Research shows that email professionals on smaller, resource-strapped teams tend to be responsible for 4.6 tasks on average—spanning email planning and strategy to design and coding.

As the demand for emails grows, a teeny-tiny email team is no longer enough to carry out all the tasks associated with creating emails—and not just any run-of-the-mill emails, but emails that boost sales and increase revenue.

In fact, 47.5% of brands were planning to increase their budget for email team personnel AND email agencies, consultants, and freelancers. (Source: Litmus)

Makes sense. You can’t expect your team members to have high morale and perform at the highest level possible if they’re burdened with multiple responsibilities, some of which may not even be their strengths!

That’s why those brands are plugging the following money – and customer-losing leaks before they cause more damage, and you should, too.

✍🏽 Your email designer or developer is writing your emails

An email conversion copywriter’s job isn’t something you should trust to just anyone. (Same goes for the designer’s job, developer’s job, and so on.) 

Relying on a non-expert to meet your copy needs is detrimental to your revenue to say the least. It takes a specialist to TRULY know what can persuade your customers to do what you want them to do.

📋 There's no conversion strategy behind your emails

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all email strategy to skyrocket your revenue. 

If you’re sending emails that are not personalized and relevant to the needs of your customers, you’re just clogging their inboxes along with all the other marketing messages they receive day after day (after day)

The good news is, an email conversion strategist can help you with that.

💌 Your newsletters are image-heavy and (conversion) copy-light

Your designer might say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But in the world of emails that engage customers, you need copy to go with the picture. HubSpot did the heavy lifting for us: “In every single A/B test, the simpler-designed email won. The emails with fewer HTML elements won with statistical significance.” 

Put simply, for maximum ROI, you’d be better off not depending on a jack or jill-of-all-trades who may pass the buck—“Well, it wasn’t really my expertise to begin with”—when an email campaign fails.

But here's why you're already ahead of your competition...

The fact that you took the time to discover what’s stunting your email revenue (and giving you that splitting headache) means you’re ready to do this right.

*throws confetti*

And the fact that you’re on a copywriter’s website tells me you acknowledge the TRUTH that nothing is more important than email copy that will:

  • Convert subscribers into buyers
  • Make more money with campaigns and promotions
  • Turn existing customers into loyal, raving fans

You know that design (and other email tasks) supports these goals, but you also understand that it’s the copywriter’s words that’ll make it happen. (Ahem!) 

Hellooo, I'm Samar!

(pronounced “Summer” – like the season.)

My job is to make sure that you and your team can stop the email juggling act – without dropping any balls.

As an email conversion strategist and copywriter for eCommerce businesses, I’m obsessed with writing emails that do what they’re supposed to:

Increase conversions, boost sales, and turn your existing customers into loyal, raving fans.

And just how do I do that? By writing:

  • Content emails that engage subscribers
  • Promotional campaigns that boost sales and increase revenue
  • Customer support emails that make your customers feel seen and well taken care of

I’m very picky about who I work with and send referrals to. I never hesitate with Samar. Not only does Samar write high converting emails, but she’s also become an invaluable member of my team.

Val Geisler

Fix My Churn

Val headshot

The over-the-counter cure for your email headache:

An email copywriter on retainer

When your team’s too small and you’re stretched too thin, getting outside help can do wonders.

Bringing on an email conversion copywriter on a retainer will not only reduce your team’s workload but you’ll finally be creating emails not just boost your email sales but also match your brand voice.

You’ll also have your designer and/or developers eternal gratitude 😉

Having an email copywriter on the team that’s brought on to create a specific number of emails each month means you can:

  • plan email campaigns and have them ready in time
  • send weekly email newsletter without scrambling at the last minute
  • create an email marketing plan that your team (and the copywriter) can follow


The different emails an email copywriter on retainer can help you create

Weekly Newsletter

New Product Announcements

News & Updates

Content Emails

Support Emails

Ready to stop juggling “Too Many Balls In The Air” without dropping any? 

Keep an eye on your inbox!

I’ll be diving into the nitty-gritty of ecommerce emails and sharing:

  •  The 4 money-making email sequences your ecommerce brand needs
  •  The one email mistake most ecommerce brands make in their welcome emails
  •  3 Simple tweaks to boost email sales today
  •  How to do abandoned cart emails right
  • The two-question test to figure out if your emails are on the right track

And so much more!

Want to skip ahead and make your email marketing team’s life easier?

Learn how to send high-performing emails