48-Hour Email Conversion Transformation

Ever wish the email sequence you’ve been meaning to write since forever would just magically write itself overnight?​

That you’d wake up one day and all the emails you need written would be done and dusted?
And not just written but also converting into cold, hard cash?

Well today is your lucky day because your wish is about to come true.


The 48-Hour Email Conversion Transformation

In a nutshell

The 48-Hour Email Conversion Transformation is the email copywriting service you’ve been hoping for:

Conversion-focused emails delivered overnight.

It’s perfect for when you have the list and the customer research but not the emails and need them written NOW.

Because sometimes, you don’t need the strategy or the research. Sometimes, you just need someone to write those damn emails.

Here's How It Works:

True to its name, the 48-Hour Email Conversion Transformation is a two-day service.

Day One:

We get on a call and talk about your product, customers, and the emails you need written.

After that, you go do what you do best (run your business), and I’ll go do what I do best (weave email conversion copywriting magic.)

Day Two:

You wake up to find your emails written and we get on a call to go through the copy live.

You’ll give me feedback, I’ll make the changes if any, and then we’ll both watch the money roll in and celebrate 😀

So, what do you say? Ready to finally have those emails written and off your to-do list?

Overnight Email Transformations are $3499 each and are time-based. That means I’ll do as much work as I can get done in 8-10 hours. 

Usually that means 8-10 emails. Most of the time, I get more done – but I make no promises. What I do guarantee is writing 8-10 conversion-focused emails or revamping/updating/editing up to 15 emails of an existing email sequence.

Cool? Cool.

Here’s what happens when you click on that yellow button

The next day – you’ll wake up to an email sequence waiting to be uploaded in your email service provider and I… I’ll go take a nap.

(Kidding. Time zone difference is my friend.)

Ready to finally have those emails written?

Overnight Email Transformations are $3499 each and are capped at 10 emails max per sequence/campaign.

Need more than 10 emails?

No problem! You can either book additional email transformation sessions or get in touch for a custom project quote.

Email magic I CAN weave overnight

(a.k.a expectation management)​

Here’s what I CAN’T do overnight

Learn how to send high-performing emails