The eCommerce Email Bootcamp

The Bootcamp’s coming back in August 2022

Want first dibs, a longer payment plan, and $600 off?

Ever wonder what it takes to write eCommerce emails that get your client’s those brag-worth numbers?

$60k in a 3-day promotion…
$150k+ in 3 months…
30% of total revenue from email… 

What would your copywriting business look like if you could show prospective eCommerce clients’ results like these?

Would you still be questioning your skills, knowledge, and talent? Or would you be showing up on client calls like a boss knowing in your bones that you can 

  • boost their email sales, 
  • increase their average order value, and 
  • fix the money leaking gaps in their email sequences?

And when it comes to talking rates… would you trip over saying you charge $500/email… $5000/email sequence… $25k/email project…

Or would you quote them with confidence knowing your client will more than recoup the cost within 30 days of your emails going live?

Want the inside track on getting results like that for your own clients?

Introducing: The eCommerce Email Bootcamp

(for copywriters who want to ditch the newbie tag for the noteworthy badge)

First thing first…


  • Looking to break into the world of eCommerce emails but are worried that no one will hire you without samples, results, and an impressive roster of eCommerce clients.
  • Interested in learning what it takes to create eCommerce emails that get the kind of results and charge the kind of rates mentioned above
  • Have had a couple of eCommerce gigs cross your path, but turned them down cos’ you’re “not an eCommerce writer.” 
  • Want eCommerce brands (and their agencies) jumping into your DMs on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Insta looking for someone “who does exactly what you do.”


  • An eCommerce veteran – You’ve got several eCommerce courses under your belt, and are slowly but surely building up your own roster of clients. 
  • Under credit card debt – nothing is worth adding to your debt. Swiping your card won’t give you instant confidence. Work will. 
  • Looking to learn about the tech side of email marketing. (This course is more about strategy, copy, and client side of things.)
The eCommerce Email Boot Camp is a 14-week live training program that’ll teach you:

1️⃣ The conversion principles of eCommerce Emails Done Right


2️⃣ The different email sequences (and emails) an eCommerce business needs


3️⃣ How to write copy for eCommerce emails and wireframe them


4️⃣ How to audit an email sequence to boost conversions and increase sales


5️⃣ The ins and outs of creating an email strategy


6️⃣ The client deliverables you need to look like a pro


Each of these live trainings will be followed by implementation week.


To support you during the bootcamp (and help you make the most of this training), you’ll:


👉 Be part of a community of other eCommerce writers through our Slack group (Yes, I know – another Slack group. But they’re effective when used right.)


👉 Learn how to improve conversion rates on active projects with my feedback on your work (Not just the course work, but if you’re working on a client project, you’ll have my eyes on it.)


👉 Get support, feedback, and constructive criticism twice a week during Office hours (This is when I’ll be reviewing your work, and answering questions.




✔️ Audit checklist (to make sure every audit you do leads to increased conversions and sales)


✔️ Email strategy playbook (that you can use for every client, turn it into a deliverable, or even offer to clients as an upsell)


✔️ Templates of audit reports, funnel maps, storyboards and more (to use for your own clients


✔️ Email wireframes that you can use again and again.


✔️ CX-focused email conversion funnel you can use to map the journey of your eCommerce client’s customer.

If you’re going…

“Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Hold up! I don’t know you.

Who are you and what makes you the right person to teach this stuff?”

Glad you asked.

Hi! I’m Samar 👋🏼  and I’m an email conversion strategist and copywriter. 

Those dreamy, brag-worthy stats you read in the beginning?

($60k in a 3-day promotion…$150k+ in 3 months…30% of total revenue from email…)

They’re my numbers.

I’m a little obsessed with creating eCommerce emails that do what they’re supposed to:

🛍️  Convert subscribers into buyers

💸  Make more money from promotions

🙏  Turn existing customers into loyal, raving fans.

Over the years, I’ve worked with some incredible brands including:

Next Bootcamp starts in August 2022.

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