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Meet the troublemakers responsible for your email headache: 

Too Many To Dos

You’ve got 99 problems, and finding the time to regularly email your users is definitely one of them.

In your SaaS business, this migraine-inducing problem shows up in 2 ways.

  1. Emails that needed to be sent yesterday get relegated to your to-do list for tomorrow. (Or the next day or perhaps another day or maybe never?) 
  2. Emails get so haphazardly put together—without any focus on conversions—that you might as well not have sent anything at all. 

The reactions from your subscribers range from “Who dis?” to “UNSUBSCRIBE!”

And you’re like, “I wonder if it’s time to switch to in-app messaging only and be done with it.”

Val headshot

“Every email sent is taking up precious inbox real estate. You can either be seen as a nuisance or a timely message. How do you want your customers to see you?”

Val Geisler

Fix My Churn

Why your emails are leaking 💰💰💰 and customers (and giving you a massive headache)

On the one hand… 

  • The #1 reason people unsubscribe from emails is because the sender emails too often. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

On the other hand…

  • Over 90% of customers feel that companies could do better when it comes to onboarding new users. (Source: Wyzowl)
  • 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention. (Source: Emarsys)

That means the problem isn’t sending too many emails. The problem is sending the WRONG message to the WRONG person at the WRONG time.

📉 Infrequent sending results in lower conversions

Don’t let the fear of emailing too often keep you from emailing regularly. And if you haven’t been emailing at all… now’s the time to start! 

Remember, your subscribers and users signed up because they want to hear from you. And also, onboarding emails aren’t the only ones you should be sending to your customers. 

But you knew that, right?

🧠 Infrequent sending doesn’t keep you top of mind

Once your subscribers (finally) hear from you after long periods of *crickets*, there’s a chance they’ve already forgotten they even signed up—and click unsubscribe or mark you as spam. 😬

Case in point: 36% say they mark emails as spam because they never purposefully subscribed to the email list. 33% unsubscribe because they don’t recall signing up. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

This is important enough to say it again: your subscribers want to hear from you. 

So send them those emails!

But here's why you're already ahead of your competition...

The fact that you took the time to discover what’s stunting your email conversions (and giving you that splitting headache) means you’re ready to do this right.

*throws confetti*

The good news:

78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months. (Source: HubSpot)

Most businesses see this as an opportunity and send their customers 3-5 emails per week. 

But you’re smarter than simply mimicking what the others are doing. 

You know there’s no hard-and-fast rule on how frequent you should email your subscribers – especially in SaaS. 

It’s all about knowing your audience, building their habit, and testing, amirite?

Hellooo, I'm Samar.

(pronounced “Summer” – like the season)

I have a super power. I help my clients create the emails they need to send – overnight.

As an email conversion strategist and copywriter for SaaS businesses, I’m obsessed with doing what I do best—weaving email conversion copywriting magic—so you can focus on doing the other stuff on your to-do list

What email magic can I weave overnight?

  • Study your voice-of-customer data, map out your email sequence, and write 6 – 8 conversion-focused emails. 
  • Remap and copy edit an existing email sequence.

And just how do I do that?

With my 48-HOUR EMAIL CONVERSION TRANSFORMATION that gets you out of an email bind and into your users inboxes.

Note: This service does not apply to onboarding emails. I don’t attempt those babies without following my conversion process which takes anywhere from 6-10 weeks (and lots of VoC data).

Samar is a pro and a pleasure to work with. You should hire her. 

Joanna Wiebe



The over-the-counter cure for your email headache:

Automated Emails

Since you and your team have a case of “Too Many To-Dos”, what you need is email automation to take the pressure of having to create new emails each week.

Automated emails are your secret customer conversion and retention weapon. Set them up once and every time someone subscribes to your newsletter or even stops using your software, they’ll get automated emails that are specifically built to:

  • boost conversions
  • increase customer retention
  • reduce churn

The different automated emails you can (and should) set up

Welcome/Engagement Emails

(to woo email subscribers into signing up for a free trial)

Check-in Emails

(to strengthen relationships with users and make sure there aren’t any problems )

Retention-Focused Emails

(to send to paying users on the brink of churning/canceling their account)

Ready to deal with your case of “Too Many To-Dos” and find out how to do automated emails right?

Keep an eye on your inbox!

I’ll be diving into the nitty-gritty of SaaS emails and sharing:

  • The 3 customer-retaining email sequences you need to send
  • The one email sequence most SaaS businesses forget about
  • A definite answer to the hotly debated question: What’s more important – onboarding or retention?
  • The onboarding philosophy that increases conversions and reduces churn
  • How email audits help find the customer leaking gaps in your emails 

And so much more!

Want to skip ahead and get those automated emails written ASAP?

Learn how to send high-performing emails