Emails make your business’s world go round.

You know it, I know it, and your customers do as well. If they’ve granted you the privilege of their email address, you’re honor-bound to send them emails that’ll rock their worlds (and your wallets).

And by “rock their world” I mean emails that will save them time, money, and hassle. Not just that, your emails need to solve their problems and transform their lives.

Sounds hard, right? That’s because it is.

Rocking your customer’s world takes time, strategy, and email copy that converts.

Your emails need to charm them with your offer, woo them with its benefits, and finally, win them by always putting them first and making their lives easy.

That’s where I come in. I…

Research your customers (that includes surveys, interviews – the whole shebang.)

Create an email strategy (that’s designed to increase conversions, reduce churn, and skyrocket your revenue.)

Write emails (that speak to them but convert for you.)

Whether it’s an onboarding sequence, an action-triggered email, or a trial-ending notice – NOTHING gets written without customer research and strategy.

Because I’m not in the business of making guesses and neither are you.

So if you want emails that connect you to your customers, generate revenue and reduce churn…

Let’s Talk!

Here’s what happens when you click that blue button.

Step 1: You fill out an intake form and hop on a 20-minute call with me to see if we’re a good match.

Step 2: If we are, I send over the paperwork and we schedule an onboarding call.

Step 3: I start putting the voice-of-customer data and research together and we have our strategy call.

Step 4: The conversion copywriting magic begins.

Step 5: I send over the email campaign, you review, I edit (if needed), and we have our wrap up call.

So… ready to create an email campaign that turns your customers into raving (and paying!) fans?

Yes, Let’s Do This!

Email strategy + conversion copywriting packages start at $3500 and include voice-of-customer research, strategy, email copy, testing and optimization (if needed).

The entire process takes 6-8 weeks. 

NOTE: If you’re after a quick solution that temporarily patches the money leaking hole in your email marketing but doesn’t fix the root problem – I’m probably not your girl.