The eCommerce Email Bootcamp


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    Ever wonder what it takes to write eCommerce emails that get your clients those brag-worth numbers?

    $60k in a 3-day promotion…

    $150k+ in 3 months…

    30% of total revenue from email… 

    What would your copywriting business look like if you could show prospective eCommerce clients’ results like these?

    Would you still be questioning your skills, knowledge, and talent? 

    Or would you be showing up on client calls like a boss knowing in your bones that you can: 

    • boost their email sales, 
    • increase their average order value, and 
    • fix the money leaking gaps in their email sequences?

    And when it comes to talking rates… would you trip over saying you charge $500/email… $8500/email sequence… $25k/email project…

    Or would you quote them with confidence knowing your client will more than recoup the cost within 30 days of your emails going live?

    The eCommerce Email Bootcamp

    A 12-week LIVE training program that teaches you ins and outs of ecommerce emails.


    Sign up for the waitlist below to get early access and first dibs!

      "I'm an email strategist and copywriter who was terrified by anything ecommerce. I had no idea where to begin or how to approach working on an ecommerce email project.

      That was before the bootcamp. 12 weeks later, I've delivered a paid workshop on ecommerce emails, I've written a post-purchase sequence for a real business owner, and I'm booked on my first ever summit to chat ecommerce emails.”

      As for Samar, I couldn't ask for a better coach. She went above and beyond to support me inside (and outside) the bootcamp. If you're thinking about joining, do it. Cause if you don't, I promise you'll spend years learning what you could've learned in just 12 weeks with Samar.”
      Eman Ismail
      Email Conversion Strategist & Copywriter

      The eCommerce Email Bootcamp is for you if ecommerce emails feel like a coded message that you just can’t crack.

      In just 12 weeks, you’ll learn:

      ✔️ The conversion principles of eCommerce Emails Done Right

      ✔️ The different email sequences (and emails) an eCommerce business needs

      ✔️ How to write copy for eCommerce emails and wireframe them

      ✔️ How to audit an email sequence to boost conversions and increase sales

      ✔️ The ins and outs of creating an email strategy

      ✔️ The client deliverables you need to look like a pro

      And sooooo much more!

      The Bootcamp is closed right now but will open again soon.

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        "I'm not a beginner when it comes to email, yet I still learned a 30k foot way of looking at email strategy in the bootcamp that I never would've been able to piece together on my own.”

        “Each lesson is built on the lesson and homework before last...the live classes take you from the 30k foot level all the way down to granular stuff like email copy, deliverables and email design.

        The boot camp's really thorough. And the live classes were invaluable. They got answers on important points that I didn't even think to ask about."
        Deepak Khiani
        Jeweler turned Email Slinger

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