One step closer to being an eCommerce Email Bootcamper... You’re on the list!

It’s going to be epic (drum roll please).

So what happens now?

You’ll get a few emails here and there but for now sit back and relax knowing you won’t be spammed to high heavens about the course. 

You will however get updates from time to time about new content inside the course, new guest experts, cool freebies and information about the The eCommerce Email Bootcamp.

Hopefully, those emails will answer any questions you have like:

  • What does The eCommerce Email Bootcamp cover?
  • How does the pace + portfolio project get me results?
  • What the course costs and when do doors open?

And you’ll get FIRST DIBS on securing one of the few slots in this super high touch, results driven program.

If you have questions that aren’t being answered by these lovely emails, feel free to leave ‘em in my inbox at [email protected]

Talk soon, 
Samar Owais

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