Ever stared at a blank screen trying to come up with an idea for a blog post? The more you stare, the harder it becomes to think of a topic. You end up missing publishing a post once, then it happens again and again till you finally let go of your blog. Before long your blog resembles a ghost town and anyone checking out your business website wonders if you’re even still in business!

With a content plan, you won’t ever have to face an idea drought or worry about not knowing what to write about. Your blog will be set for the duration of the content plan complete with:

  • keyword optimized titles
  • pre-written social media updates for Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Linkedin.

I offer content planning for your blog till up to one year with a limit of 8 posts per month. My rates are as follows:

$75 for 1 month

$200 for 3 months

$400 for 6 months

$800 for 12 months

Once you contact me and give me the go ahead, I’ll send over a questionnaire to help me create the best possible content plan for you. Don’t worry, it’s not scary. It asks things like the URL of your blog, tag line, general keywords, your preferred posting schedule along with a list of previous posts you’re particularly proud of.

Tell me what you want to achieve through your blog and who your target audience is.

Once I have all the info, I’ll start working on your content plan and send over the first version for you to look at.

Add your notes to the version. Tell me which topics you don’t like, which you’d like to see more of etc. and I’ll get back to the drawing board.

When the final version is complete, I hand over the content plan to you and wish you all the success you envision for yourself.

Wondering if I’m the right fit?

Here’s a testimonial from a client:

I have never been accused of being short on ideas! In fact, my problem has always been that I have so many that they sometimes paralyze me and I end up doing nothing with them. So, I decided to reach out to Samar for help developing a blog content plan. This is something I do for others, but it never occurred to me to have someone do mine.

It was a brilliant decision. Samar asked great questions, reviewed my site, and then came up with a content plan that made perfect sense for my goals. Once I had a focus and a map, the content came pouring out of me. It was a huge relief and I can’t thank Samar enough. She was a pleasure to work with, she was dialed into my business and what I wanted, and she made the entire process simple and easy.

I know for certain I will be reaching out to her again for the next round. If you’re wondering whether or not a blog content plan will help you get focused and achieve your blogging and business goals, I assure you it will.

Melani Ward, Copywriter, Editor & Content Creator (HotButtonCopy.com)