Services & Rates

I have the words you need to find the success you want.

What big goal are you working toward right now? Are you:

  • Dreaming of launching a new eCourse?
  • Wishing you could publish blog posts consistently?
  • Considering an eBook to help monetize your business?

Wouldn’t you love to have the time to get those things done? I know I would.

It’s why I made writing my career. Well, also because I’m vain and love seeing my writing get tangible results.

As your content queen writer, I’d take on the tasks of researching, writing, editing, and formatting your content so that you can focus your time on the things that you really enjoy doing (like connecting with your clients, designing gorgeous graphics, programming new software, etc.).

In addition to finally having the time to focus on the things you are passionate about, my words will help your business build more authority, attract new clients, and earn more money.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I’m ready to get to work if you are, so just click the appropriate link below to get started.

(Oh, and if you’re looking for samples of my work, please take a look at my portfolio. Most of my client work is confidential and can’t be shared, but the links in my portfolio lead to work published under my name.)


Starting at $200+ per post with discounted packages available

Each blog post comes packaged with HTML formatting, SEO optimization, at least two headline variations, an image or graphic resized for three social networks, and tweetable quotes to increase the shareability and highlight your content.

Note: All contracts include two edits. An additional charge applies for rewrites and further edits.

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Ebooks & Ecourses

Ebook writing rates: $80+ per page depending upon page count for ebooks.

Ecourse writing rates: $200+ per ecourse lesson depending on word count, teaching exercises, and supporting material like workbooks, worksheets, etc.

All ebooks and ecourses are ghost written. The words may be mine, but the voice will be all yours. My job is to make you sound like the expert you are.

Once you send me the details, I’ll get to work and send over the first draft within 15 – 30 days.

After you’ve received the first draft, I’ll edit and make changes as needed until we reach perfection!

You will receive the content in Microsoft Word/Google Docs, font type Calibri, size 12, single-spaced with 1-inch margins and include basic formatting such as headings, subheadings, lists, bullet points, etc.

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Email Newsletter

$250 per email with discounted packages available for email sequences

Whether you need an autoresponder series, a launch sequence, or a time-sensitive promotion, every newsletter comes complete with multiple subject lines for A/B testing and is formatted to fit your newsletter design (if you have one).

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Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • A 50% deposit is required before any work begins. The remaining 50% is due on submission of the final draft.
  • A 15% cancellation fee is billed if the client cancels the project within a week of the start date and before the first draft has been delivered. In case the 50% upfront payment has been made, the remaining 35% of the balance will be returned.
  • After the first draft has been delivered, the 50% upfront payment becomes non-refundable, and an additional 10% cancellation fee is billed from the total amount.