Samar took the time to research my brand and audience, then crafted content for me that’s driven new readership and new signups for my course.

Within a few days she had understood what I needed (no small feat since what I offer is fairly niche and specific) and was able to craft brilliant pieces of writing that my audience now loves.
paul jarvis
Paul Jarvis
Owner, CreativeClass.co
In the past, I have found the process of outsourcing editorial pieces extremely difficult – especially finding a writer who is on the same wave length as our brand. Thankfully, Samar is a rare exception!

Her writing tone and style is professional and thought provoking. While her willing and flexible attitude makes for a seamless outsourcing experience.
Kate Burn
Kate Burn
Marketing Manager, Shuttlerock
Samar is a tremendous copywriter! Not only does her copy have a readable, approachable tone but because she’s a talented researcher, the finished work is full of substance, creating content that’s valuable and useful to the reader.

I would recommend her for anyone looking for a professional, premium quality copywriter who is a pleasure to work with.
kathleen smith
Kathleen Smith
The Content Canvas
Samar helps us with blogging. Her posts are friendly and fitting our ideal reader. Her voice is engaging, her ideas are smart, and she delivered on time.

Thank you, Samar!
Zsuzsa Kecsmar
Co-founder, Antavo
I have never been accused of being short on ideas! In fact, my problem has always been that I have so many that they sometimes paralyze me and I end up doing nothing with them. So, I decided to reach out to Samar for help developing a blog content plan. This is something I do for others but it never occurred to me to have someone do mine.

It was a brilliant decision. Samar asked great questions, reviewed my site, and then came up with a content plan that made perfect sense for my goals. Once I had a focus and a map, the content came pouring out of me. It was a huge relief and I can’t thank Samar enough. She was a pleasure to work with, she was dialed in to my business and what I wanted, and she made the entire process simple and easy.

I know for certain I will be reaching out to her again for the next round. If you’re wondering whether or not a blog content plan will help you get focused and achieve your blogging and business goals, I assure you it will.
Melani Dizon
Copywriter, Editor, and Content Strategist
Samar is a highly skilled copywriter able to cover a number of diverse topics. She’s flexible and was always able to work around our specific demands.
harvey thorpe
Harvey Thorpe
Hiring someone over the web can be concerning to say the least. But having hired Samar as a copywriter several times, I can only say good things about her and her ability to deliver engaging content on-topic, on-voice and on-time.

All the clients I’ve recommend her to have also been full of appreciation for her contributions and I would gladly recommend Samar to anyone looking for a web-focused copywriter.
Fahed new
Fahed Bizzari
I recently enlisted Samar’s help in writing my personal biography for BlogHer ’13. Not only did her help take a
huge load off of my mind, but she did an amazing job.

In little more than two days, she took the information I gave her, looked at my other biographies I have listed around the web, and created an accurate, yet creative portrayal of who I really am. It was amazing how thorough her work was considering her turnaround time.

If you are thinking about hiring Samar for any work, do not hesitate, as she will listen, offer sound advice, and provide a most satisfying final product.”
Elaine Springer
Designer, Springboard Creative
As the editor of my blog, Samar has always found ways to make my posts more interesting and error-free. But that’s not her most important quality. She always goes above and beyond in offering useful tips and innovative ideas about blogging, writing and marketing!

She’s also friendly, efficient and extremely easy to work with.
Catherine Christaki
Owner, Lingua Greca
Samar has been a great source of motivation and drive for my blog. As its blog editor, she has helped make my blog posts more readable, conversational and interesting. Her work has helped me gain a better understanding of how to creatively write for the web.

What makes Samar an ideal blog editor is her willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. She takes the time explain the changes she makes, offers constructive feedback and encourages questions.
afzal ibrahim
Afzal Ibrahim