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I help online businesses establish their authority, attract new customers, and earn more money by finding and filling the gaps in their online marketing content.

In short, I'm the one you go to when you need copy that converts and content that sells.

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Your website has less than 6 seconds to catch your visitor’s interest. I write copy that charms them into staying longer, woos them into subscribing, and seduces them into buying from you.
Whether you need a resource page, start-here page, opt-in page, a webinar sign-up page, a tripwire product page, or a thank you page – I do them all. Got an idea for a landing page that’s not listed? Just ask!
The money is in the list... that sells. Not only do my email sequences educate, inform, and prime subscribers to buy, but they also get opened, clicked, and form personal connections.
Lead magnets are the coup d’état of the online marketing world. They grow your list, establish authority, and generate revenue… but only if they convert. Looking for a lead magnet does all three? I’m your girl!
Content strategies are your roadmap to success. I connect the dots between your web copy, blog, emails, landing pages, lead magnets, paid products and turn your business into a money-making machine.
The purpose of conversion blogging is to convert every post into hard cash. Every blog post I write serves a money-making purpose along with establishing you as a thought leader and growing your audience.


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